2 thoughts on “Grinch Apologist

  1. If we’re going to get all Star Wars…

    Forest Whitaker’s Blue Velvet mask is meant to be a call to Vader’s breathing apparatus. Since he’s the rebel who’s too cruel for the rebellion, it could be a comparison to show how close to Vader he is in his actions and what the consequences are for that. He’s also missing his feet/legs, and who knows what else.

    It could also just be ‘Ooo….did you hear that sound? Breathey!’

    Now, if he’d asked for a Pabst Blue Ribbon to watch the world end, you’d have a better argument.

    Clearly, you’d need Lobot to break the whole thing down accurately. Lando simply wouldn’t be up to the task. I eagerly await compuJohn Hollis to have that happen.

    My wife, brother, and I had fun nights at Pygmalion and Schuba’s. Thanks so much for that.

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