One thought on “On Returning

  1. Hey, my name is Gavin and Im friends with your son (not gonna mention his name for privacy reasons) but anyways what i was saying was that he never ever talks about you guys but then i looked up his name and found your band Poster Children, and i was amazed that he never told me considering the fact that him and everyone else i know are aware of the fact that i love alternative music more specifically punk rock/D.I.Y. punk music, and when i found out that his parents: you guys, were in a alternative/indie band i decide i might as well see what you guys were about and i did, i checked your music out and i loved it and i was blown away by all of your albums,(coming from a musician) and it also happens that you were on one of my favorite record labels Reprise (and yes i know how 2 say it the right way). Reprise has a lot of my favorite bands signed, some of which are Greed day(their really early stuff like 1,039/smoothed out Slappy Hours (and yes i know thats a compilation album) and of course Dookie), and the Deftones. to conclude this long run-on comment i just wanna say that i love the band, i love the music, and i wish you guys the best of luck with your further endevours. Sincerely, Gavin Horoky

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