Stefen Robinson

Rick and Rose talk with Stefen Robinson aka Yea Big about Experimental Music, Anxiety, Anarchy and Buddhism, Teaching, and his new record!

Stefen Robinson is a father, partner, teacher, multi- instrumentalist music-maker, Buddhist pacifist-anarchist living in Bloomington, IL. He creates music under the moniker Yea Big, sometimes solo, sometimes in collaboration and also performs with Disorganizer and Shoshin Trio. He runs the gamut from hip-hop to electro-acoustic compositions to free-improvisation.

Yea Big:
Shoshin Trio:

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Ken Baldauf

Rick and Rose talk with Ken Baldauf, Director of the Florida State University Innovation Hub, about his journey from bluegrass musician to teacher to Design Thinking advocate.

Ken Baldauf is an educator, innovation facilitator, and musician. He’s the founding director of the Florida State University Innovation Hub which enables students to discover needs, imagine opportunities, design solutions, and share experiences in an innovative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial environment.

FSU Innovation Hub:
Ken’s site:

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Rachel Switzky

Rick and Rose talk with Rachel Switzky, Director of the Siebel Center for Design, about Design Thinking, working at IDEO, and her indie rock past with Sarge.

Rachel Switzky is the inaugural director of the Siebel Center for Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to her current appointment, she has been a global design leader working with Fortune 100 companies over the past 20 years. Most recently, she served as an Executive Director at IDEO, the company who pioneered the concept of design thinking.

Siebel Center for Design:

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John Mohr

Rick and Rose talk with John Mohr about his years in the bands Blatant Dissent and TAR, his jump into the tech world and his recent return to music.

John Mohr was a founding member of the 1980s punk/hardcore band Blatant Dissent and singer/guitarist for the post-hardcore outfit TAR. John is currently the Chief Information Officer at the MacArthur Foundation.

TAR Bandcamp:
TAR 1988-1995:
Blatant Dissent Bandcamp:

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Jonas Downey

Rick and Rose talk to Jonas Downey about designing with heart, why it’s important to have “sensitive” discussions at work and what it’s like for a remote work veteran when the rest of the world goes remote.

Jonas Downey is a software designer, developer, and team lead. He recently was the head of design at Basecamp and is the co-creator of Hello Weather.

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